About Us

About us:

We are a company boned in United Kingdom, at the end of the year 2014.

John and I rented a carport in York, at the December of 2014, and begins our business for groomsmen.

At the start of all, the thought is really easy and we want to make the most unique gifts for our customers. Most of the products are personalized for unique ones.

We upgrade our machines and technologies as experiences goes on, and we invested more into technologies. For now, we have the most advanced tech of engraving glass-made.

And our warehouse is moved to HK at Christmas of 2018, all parcels are shipped from HongKong/Shanghai since then. But please do not worry about the shipping, DHL will deliver the package for you 3-5 business days with rush shipping method.

And our team is growing up and from 2 men to a really team, we have Designer Jessey, Shop manager John, Warehouse keeper Niki, Customer service Allen and Packer Steven, Operator Dennis etc.

The mind never changed, we serve our customers with heart, provide free designing and free engraving for all orders, and all parcels have no cracked guarantee.

Please see some designs made below, we are really glad when customers says that is just what I want!